Pastor's Page
Elizabeth Smith
It is hard to believe that the Christmas season has come and gone, and we are entering a new year. For 
many people, this is a time for reflection on the year just past and planning for the year just beginning; a time 
for taking stock of where you are and where you want to be. I have always found myself doing that kind of 
thing in my own life. 
I have to say that, looking back on 2017, there have been many highs and some lows in my life. I 
again had some health issues that were unexpected and frustrating, and one of my hopes for 2018 is to have a 
healthy year!! But I also got to attend the Festival of Homiletics in San Antonio, where I had never traveled, 
and heard many of the country’s best preachers, attended transformative and informative workshops, as well 
as explored a new part of the country. It was a joyous year in my extended family, as we welcomed babies Ezra 
Brantley and Allison Grace, my brother’s grandchildren. And I enjoyed a wonderful holiday visit with my 
dad at the end of the year. 
What have you seen looking back on your last year? Where do you see yourself in the year to come? 
Whatever the New Year brings, I know that we will be alright, because God is going to be there with 
us. God will walk with us each day, through good times and bad, leading, encouraging, holding us, and giving 
us strength. 
I wish you all happiness, health, and peace in 2018. God bless you, 
Pastor Elisabeth