Pastor's Page
Elizabeth Smith
This year for Thanksgiving, I am grateful for something I’ve lost. It has been a little over a year since I 
had bariatric surgery for weight loss, and it has been very successful! As of my last trip to the dietician, I have 
lost 96 pounds!!! I can’t tell you how much better I feel. My feet don’t hurt all the time, I am able to walk 
and stand for much longer periods of time, I can go up stairs without getting winded. I do my grass mowing 
and other yard work, and try to imagine doing it with a 100-pound weight on my back for comparison, and I 
don’t know how I did anything before. 
I want to thank all of you who have been so encouraging this year. It has been a monumental lifechange, 
and sometimes it was harder than other times. But you have continually made comments about how 
good I look, how much better I move around, and how I have done a great job sticking to my diet. So thanks 
for your part in my success! 
I was thinking about how many of us carry around “weight” we should lose. We all have baggage of 
some kind that we tote around, whether it is a guilty conscience for some past mistake, or a grudge that we 
can’t seem to let go of, or a bad attitude about something or someone. We may carry a grief that we can’t 
let heal, or a wounded heart that we can’t seem to allow peace to comfort. What if we just let go of those 
things that weigh us down? What if we just left them at the altar, and said, “God, please take this away from 
me. I will do my part to “lose” it, if you will do your part to bring health, healing, and wholeness to my life.” 
I would be willing to bet that you would feel 100 pounds lighter if you could lay down those burdens at the 
feet of Jesus, where they belong. 
So this year, why don’t you decide to lose something? And then you will have many reasons to be 
thankful, because you will feel that weight disappear from your shoulders. God is faithful; trust in God. 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 
Pastor Elisabeth